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Chemical Peels

With Neostrata professional products and Medical Peels your skin care specialist is able to treat most of your skin concerns, from the very superficial and harmless to the most complex and delicate cases.

Neostrata Medical Peels cover all skin care specialist needs, from the most gentle peels to the strongest ones.


Neostrata Medical Peel is a simple procedure with a minimal down-time. It is often the first peel people choose. Neostrata Medical Peel is recommended for early signs of sun damage and ageing of the skin such as open pores, fine lines, dryness and poor or irregular texture. Neostrata Medical Peel is also highly recommended for acne-prone or oily skin.

Everyone can benefit from Medical Peels. These mild and gentle peels produce dramatic results, from which recovery is quick with no time taken from work or family. Darker skin tones can be safely treated with a natural blending of skin colors. Whether you are 20 or 50, you can begin a program of skin rejuvenation to keep your skin looking great.

Neostrata Medical Peels are perfect for the busy person who wants quick results with no down-time. With a Neostrata Medical Peels you will improve the texture and luminescence of your skin as well as reduce fine lines, increase hydration and decrease open pores. All this with a simple procedure with no down-time!

Your skin will keep its normal tan and you will be able to use your cosmetics. Best of all, you will have a smooth, beautiful complexion in weeks.
No change of routine is necessary while undergoing Neostrata Medical peel.
A session generally lasts 15-30 minutes . In order to achieveĀ  desiredĀ  results we suggest from 3 to 5 sessions and 3 weeks intervals between every session.


Regima Peels

Most advanced, medically accepted skin programme created to attack the free radicals and toxins.

The peel and heal power peels successfully and very safely, work gradually through that outer dead layer and down to the basal, living layer of skin. It stimulates collagen production, re-elasticizng and rejuvenating even the most sun damaged, scarred or ageing skin.

With regular peels the skin becames firmer, smoother and even in colour and texture. One of the only peels safe to use all year round.


Dr Margaret Grabicka

Dr Margaret Grabicka

General Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine Doctor with expert experience in dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, i.v infusions, lifting threads and body contouring treatments.

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