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Ultrasound Rejuvenation with Hi Fu Lab

(EU CE mark certified)

No surgery!
No laser!
No injections!
No downtime!

Hi Fu Lab is recently introduced HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) aesthetic medical treatment for those who wishes to lift the skin without invasive procedures.

HIFU Lab provides a highly precise medical procedure that applies high intensity focused ultrasound energy to 3 levels of the skin.

The wave of the ultrasound targets specific location of the dermis which results in collagen synthesis and tighter, youthful looking skin.

4 treatments targeting 4 different layers of the skin:

  • 1.5mm deep
    The Hi Fu Lab improves wrinkles by promotion of superficial collagen in dermis layer at 1.5 mm depth. This treatment can be applied to the whole face , chin and neck.
  • 3.0mm deep
    Deep dermis at 3.0 mm depth from skin surface .The Hi Fu Lab technology is able to promote collagen regeneration and facial lifting in deep dermis.
  • 4.5mm deep
    The area of muscles and fascia is 4.5mm deep from the skin surface. The layer is composed of collagen and elastin and plays role in delivering muscle contraction and tightening the skin. The Hi Fu Lab technology works on that layer and results in nonsurgical facial lifting.
  • 13mm deep
    The fat layer reduction through the coagulation of adipocytes at over 56°C.
Efficiently reduces fat layer by applying HIFU onto 13mm depth from the skin surface. This treatment helps to manage fat tissue on areas like abdomen, inner tights, upper arms.


  • Safe and Effective
  • Ultrasound energy precisely targets skin layers
  • No side effects: no burns , no skin irritation thus no downtime
  • Lifting Effect
  • Immediate and Long Lasting Results
  • Treatment Plan


Sagging skin on:
Face: eyebrows, cheeks , jaw line, chin
Body: neck, upper arms, upper legs, abdomen


One treatment (30 minutes) every 3 months in the first 9 months, next years 1-2 treatments of 30 min a year (depending on desired results)
Double treatment (45 min) every 6 months  in the first year and then 1-2 treatments  of 30 min a year (depending on desired results)

The costs depend on the area , length of the treatment and start from £450 for face and neck and from £200 for one body area .



Dr Margaret Grabicka

Dr Margaret Grabicka

General Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine Doctor with expert experience in dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, i.v infusions, lifting threads and body contouring treatments.

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