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T- Shape – Laser Lipo with Radio Frequency (RF) and Vacuum

Instant results and long lasting effects!

Non-surgical alternative for liposuction – helps to reduce fat and cellulite instantly. 
Smooths bumpy uneven skin “orange skin” instantly.
Tightens skin – stimulates collagen and elastin.
Reduces visibility of scars, burns and stretch marks due to collagen stimulation.
Reshapes buttocks, thighs and abdomen.
Reshapes body after pregnancy.

Current offer:

15% off on the single 40 min treatment

20% off on  package  of 8 sessions 40 min each.

25% off on package of 10 sessions 40 min each.

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SW1 Offer:

Anti-wrinkle injections( Botox) and Dermal Filler packages are available.

Pleas contact us on tel: 0207 8285 602 or email:



T-shape - skin tightening anti cellulite treatment
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