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I first met Dr Margaret over four years ago and have been a regular patient of hers ever since (6-8 possibly more times a year). Margaret is always highly professional, honest and empathetic in her approach, advice and treatments. She is highly skilled and prefers the less is more approach. My family and friends always tell me how well I look and I often receive comments/compliments such as “you never seem to look any older”. This is all thanks to Dr Margaret who I trust completely to keep me looking and feeling the best I can.
Kerry D.


The office is small and elegant. I felt very much welcomed and I have had the best dermal filler treatment I ever had before. Thank you Dr Margaret! I’m very happy with results and I ‘m going to book another appointments. Your practice offers so many interesting treatments I would like to have.
Katerina D.


This was my third time having lips enhanced by Dr Margaret and I couldn’t be happier.  It was  painless with minimal swelling and minimal down-time. The clinic itself is newly renovated, modern and conveniently located. I couldn’t recommend this place more!


Great service and wonderful experience. I will be back!.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Margaret every three months for the past two years, receiving three types of anti-wrinkle treatment. At all times Dr. Margaret has acted professionally, respectually, and courteously, and has always been pain conscious. The treatments received produced desired outcomes, which were in line with what Dr. Margaret’s explained.
Douglas W.


Thank you Dr Margaret for my new lips , they are juicy and soft!!
This place was recommended by my friend who has been doing dermal filler treatments with Dr Margaret for many years. My friend is extremely happy with results and with Dr Margaret and her very professional manners.
I will return soon for more treatments ….I can’t wait.
Diana P.


Doctor Margaret and her team are amazing. I have been a patient of Doctor Margaret for more than five years and my experience with her is nothing less than exceptional! I have my anti-aging aesthetic procedures done every few months and also Dr M is my private GP. Her knowledge and expertise are enormous and my face is a testament of this. She is very gentle and always makes sure that you are comfortable during and after the treatment. I love the fact that she is very caring and put her patients first. I recommend her to everybody. Thank you Doctor Margaret for taking such a good care of me, I am very grateful for everything you have done.
Beata O.


Dr Margaret gives a lot of information before the treatment and results are great . I had problem with puffy eyes and sagging cheeks. I was treated with PDO threads and the procedure was not painful at all.  Dr Margaret’s approach worked out perfectly and I’m very happy with results.


Dr Margaret is a lovely person and a very professional and experienced doctor. I had my lips enhanced and I am very pleased with the natural result. The venue is 5 min walk from the Victoria Station . I can’t wait to go there next time.
Anna B.


I had the best LIP AUGMENTATION I ever have had . Dr Margaret has a lot of experience and a very delicate hand when injecting.Results are great and I’m very happy. I will keep recommending Dr Margaret!


Dr Margaret gave me a good advice regarding my face and skin problem. I’m very happy with the treatment( I have had a chemical peel ). I will go back again soon and will continue recommend this place.


I am so happy that I’ve found Dr. Margaret! She listened to all my concerns , explained me all stages of the treatment and after care . She treated my lower face with PDO threads and the treatment was almost painless.  I am very happy with results!
Rita S.

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