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Well Aging Integrative Medicine and Therapy

Integrative Therapy is the way to find solutions in order for you to move forward and lead
the life that you dream of, remembering that “Therapy isn’t just for Crisis”.

Mid Life Matters

Let us guide you through Peri Menopause, menopause and mid-life transitions, there is no need to suffer,

Here at the Well Aging Integrative Medicine and Therapy we will help find your way forward. We offer Hormone testing and private prescribing plus an Integrative bespoke therapy solution. Together we will formulate a holistic plan which could include coaching, therapy, mindfulness, nutrition and yoga.

But first, we need to talk. We can help you organize your thoughts and life, put words to your experience, gain perspective and clarity when making difficult decisions. Maybe you just want to understand yourself, your patterns, what’s holding you back or improve relationships.

We will support you during life’s transitions and help make sense of your past and its impact on you. Perhaps you just want to lose weight, sleep better or drink less wine. Maybe, you have brain fog, lack energy, feel invisible or irrelevant. More likely, you can’t put your finger on the problem and that is where we can help.

Here at ‘Age Well Integrative Clinic and Therapy’ we use Solution Focused Integrative Therapy because we are all recovering from something. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have updated their guidelines for menopause (due for publication 2024) and suggest HRT and CBT play an important role in managing mid-life and beyond. Here at Well Aging Integrative Medicine and Therapy we offer both.



Dr Margaret Grabicka

Dr Margaret Grabicka

General Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine Doctor with expert experience in anti-ageing procedures, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, i.v infusions, lifting threads and body contouring treatments.

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